Help Balally Win Tidy Districts 2019!

Balally Residents Association last entered and WON the Tidy Districts Competition in 2014! The Award was a huge endorsement for our community and a fitting reward for all of the residents who worked so hard to win.

After 5 years it’s definitely time for Balally to win again and we need the help of everyone in Balally and Sandyford Road to win Tidy Districts 2019.

How You Can Help

Judging takes place during July when Balally and Sandyford Road will be visited twice. Here is how you can help:

Judging CategoryWhat You Can Do
Presentation and maintenance of all properties in the estate including gardensKeep your drive / patio areas weed-free

Are you planning to paint any exterior walls this year? Consider doing so before July

Aim to have your garden in full bloom by July
Road and street appearanceMaintain your grass verge, cut the grass & edge the verge

Help older neighbours with their verges
Weed and sweep path areas outside your home

Consider re-seeding if your verge is damaged

Do not park on the grass verges
Participate in our Estate Clean-Up Week10th – 16th June
Litter controlReport any illegal dumping you may see to your Road Rep or via or

Pick up litter near your home

Pick-up after your dog if you have one
Graffiti controlReport any graffiti you through our Contact Us Page or on Facebook
Encourage BiodiversityVisit our pollinators page to understand how you can support nature in your own garden

Working Together To Win

Winning this prestigious Award again will take a lot of planning and hard work over the coming months. Your Committee will focus on our overall Competition Action Plan:

  • Estate Clean-up Week and Litter Pick 10th – 16th June (we need your help)
  • Maintenance of ‘No-man’s land’ areas
  • Estate grass cutting
  • Ongoing graffiti management
  • Estate planting and landscaping including roundabout

Let’s get our children involved in the Clean-Up Week and help the next generation develop a sense of responsibility for their community.

By working together over the next few months we will not only be proud of how well Balally and Sandyford Road look but we will also have a wonderful sense of pride in our great community!


In order to achieve the standards needed to win, we need to extra help to keep an eye on how each road is doing and to identify any areas that need special focus from the Committee.

We hope to recruit a small team of volunteers for each road to work with the Committee.

 If you can get involved please contact your Road Rep or leave a message our Contact Us Page or on Facebook.

Here’s a copy of our Tidy Districts 2019 flyer if you want to spread the word.