New Oak Tree

We have planted a new oak tree on the hill, which is the memorial tree for residents of the estate. We’ll be watering it regularly over the next few weeks to help it bed in, and hope it will thrive and be be around for many years to come.

Historic Photo of Balally Area

For anyone who grew up in Sandyford (or lived in the Park), this photo was taken in 1948 of of Clonard House/IMI on the right. The fields in the background would become Balally, Wedgewood and Moreen. The left of Clonard house is the old stables now The Park. Credit to Cathal McGlinchey for digging it out. Sourced from Facebook post.

Roundabout Upgrade and Cleanup

You may also have noticed that the roundabout upgrade is now complete, and we hope you agree that it is a great improvement with a bit of style and design compared to before. A big thank you to everyone involved, with a special shout out to Rachel Crean and Anne Carey who made sure that it all happened successfully.

Thanks also to everyone who played their part in the estate clean-up in recent weeks. We think the area is looking great and now all we need is for the sun to keep shining. SuperValu once again provided us with some of the flowers. Here’s some photos of the work in action and the final photos.