Santa Visits Balally


Santa will be visiting Balally on Christmas Eve and will have a small surprise for the kids. He will leave St. Olaf’s school at 4pm and will stop in a few places as he travels through the estate. You will hear him ringing his bell as he comes near.

Merry Christmas from all in the residents association!

Santa Visit – Christmas Eve 2012

Santa Visit 2012

We welcomed Santa on his special annual visit to Balally. This year he walked around the whole estate with the committee carol singers.  Children and adults eagerly waited outside their homes to greet him and join in the  singing.  Many whispered in his ear… everyone had been nice  (not naughty, of course), some made last minute requests for gifts they wished for.

All his younger fans got treats of selection boxes and sweets.  Carols were sung, Christmas wishes were exchanged with neighbours.

A unique occasion that Balally is renowned for. We hope the singers among you will come out in force in December 2013… don’t be shy, let us know now.

Photos are in the Gallery.