Privacy Statement

Use of Personal Information

  • We are Balally Residents Association, a voluntary organisation which acts in the interest of the local community.
  • We may process personal information so that we can support residents who are members.
  • Our basis for processing your information is ‘legitimate interest’. As a member of the association we use the information to communicate and support our community.
  • The information will be used by members of the committee, collectors of subs and administrators of technical solutions. 
  • Information will not be shared with other third parties, except for the purpose for which the information appears to have been provided.
  • We only collect personal data that you have provided to us, or that is required as part of delivering our online systems. We store the minimal amount of data to allow us to run the association.
  • The information will be retained while the matter to which the data relates is current, and for a reasonable period thereafter to deal with legitimate queries arising.
  • Membership data will be stored for current members and for lapsed members for a reasonable period to invite them to renew.
  • If the association comes into possession of other personal data it will be used only to pursue the objects of the association provided for under the constitution. 

Data stored

  • Below are examples of data that is stored and the purpose for which it is collected.
  • Membership and Subscription
    • Information collected as part of membership and subscription is used to maintain the membership list, collect subs and address people politely when calling to your house.
    • Name and address are managed by the treasurer and limited individuals who collect annual subscription.
    • Name, address, email and account name are stored on PayPal if you made an online payment. Note: We have no access to your payment information.
  • Community Alert
    • This information is used to communicate important messages from Garda Community Alert and to occasionally inform members of important news, event updates and any other pertinent information.
    • Mobile numbers are stored on SendMode for automatic text alerts and stored by our community alert administrator.
    • Email addresses for Community alert are stored on our mailing list service for group messages and stored by our community alert administrator.
  • Website and Contact Us Email
    • This information is used to share information publicly or to communicate directly.
    • Email addresses from emails you sent are on our email service.
    • IP address is used by our website including in comments and forms as part of our security controls to block malicious attacks.

You have a right to:

  • Request access to your data
  • Ask for your data to be corrected
  • Ask for your data to be erased
  • Ask for your data to be restricted
  • Object to your data being processed
  • Receive the data held, in a form which allows it you to transfer it to another person
  • Withdraw consent if consent is the basis for your personal data being processed
  • Lodge a complaint

To request any of these data subject actions, please get in touch with a committee member or use our contact us page.