We have had a number of recent reports of inconsiderate parking in the estate.

How you can help

  • Please think of your neighbours before you park and remind your visitors to park sensibly.
  • Park so that there is space for other motorists to pass easily, and allow enough room for ambulances, fire brigades and bin trucks to get through.
  • Avoid parking near corners or on double yellow lines which could impair visibility and lead to an accidents or injury.
  • Report instances of illegal parking — contact the Council’s Parking Section on 01-2054884 or email Report driving hazards to Garda Traffic Watch on LoCall 1890-205805.
  • Contact your local councillors directly to express concerns about parking, as the more voices they hear, the more likely they will do something about it. Contact details are available on our County Council and Utilities page.

What we are doing

  • We are contacting all local councillors to request a review of traffic and parking in the estate to help alleviate some of the problems.

2 thoughts to “Parking”

  1. Most days I see the same people parking their cars in the estate and going on foot to get public transport or walk to work. I am aware that residents of other estates tried with some success, a process of parking all their own cars out on the road in the early morning time to block many of the “visitors” from parking. This was combined with using traffic cones if there were any empty spaces.
    Perhaps signs could be erected at each entrance to the estate with the following or similar wording:
    “Please respect the parking spaces of residents and their visitors in this estate”
    “Please park responsibly to allow Emergency and Delivery Vehicle to drive through this estate.”
    “ Careless Parking prevents Emergency Vehicles responding quickly to Accident, Health or Fire emergencies.

    There may be regulatory issues associated with this suggestion, but they are worth discussing with DLRCoCo.

  2. I have observed many times where a resident or visitor will park will park betrween two houses killing two spaces so that nobody can park in front or behind them. A little more thought would help everybody.

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